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About Us

Juan Carlos Diaz, President

“If I Had My Own Staffing Company…”

Prior to founding ProStaff Solutions in 2010, Juan Carlos Diaz worked his way up the ranks of another staffing agency for 10 years. After a merger, he saw how a change in values affected the company culture and performance. He saw how various mistakes affected clients and job candidates. Juan always found himself starting sentences with, “If I had my own staffing agency.”

This motivated Juan to start ProStaff Solutions from scratch so he could apply what he had learned and prove how a truly successful staffing agency could function. Focusing on people and community, ProStaff grew from a one-man show operating out of Juan’s basement office to a nearly $100 million staffing agency.

Who We Are… Our Mission & Values

Integrity: Staffing is about people, not positions. Candidates are people. Businesses are comprised of people. We succeed by always looking out for the best interests of the people we serve.

Community: Community presence is more than hanging a sign on a building. We make a difference by solving staffing problems and finding good jobs for as many people as we possibly can.

Commitment: Need to reach us at night or on the weekend to ramp up staffing volume on short notice due to an emergency or unexpected demand? We’ll respond and deliver. Every single time.

Quality: We help businesses and individuals succeed by finding the right fit, not simply filling positions. Our expert recruiters go the extra mile to match quality people with quality companies.

Diversity: ProStaff is a minority-owned staffing agency serving diverse companies with diverse candidates. Diversity, equity, and inclusiveness are central to who we are and what we do.

Our Team

Juan Carlos Diaz


Heather Ferguson

Executive Vice President

Daralee Nieves

VP of Operations

Ashley McConnell

Recruiter, NJ