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Great Industries to Get into and Grow: Warehouse and Industrial

Whether you are an entry-level or a seasoned warehouse professional, the warehouse and industrial sectors are a great career choice for a comfortable lifestyle. There are many jobs available at all experience levels and to get your foot in the door, working with a staffing agency and local recruiter like us that has warehouse employer relationships is a sure way to get job placement.

How much can a warehouse worker make?

Looking at average pay for warehouse careers can be misleading – especially in major metro areas like where our ProStaff Workforce Solutions recruiting offices are in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania; and our ProActive Workforce Solutions recruiting office in Irving, Texas.  Although the starting pay for warehouse and industrial jobs is about on par with the national average, much wage reporting on industrial sectors is unrealistic. It doesn’t consider that the averages are skewed by higher paying careers like doctors or lawyers who have massive education costs to enter their profession. The average cost of medical school is expected to reach $250,000 by 2025, and that doesn’t include undergrad tuition. In contrast, it could cost you nothing to enter the workforce with a warehouse job.

Industrial jobs have been booming in locations like the Dallas-Fort Worth Area and other parts of Texas. Typically, these pay rates have been on par with National averages, but the pay scales have recently increased. There are jobs available through Pro Staff Workforce Solutions which pay up to 30% more than other job listings offer.

How to advance your career in the industrial sector.

A warehouse job is a serious career that pays more than other entry-level jobs, and the highest earners in these industries rise to the top, earning salaries that make them comfortable living with dependable pay and can reach into the six-figure range. Researchers at Purdue University found that a $60,000 per year salary is enough to support emotional well-being, and little more is gained after $95,000 per year. These levels are definitely attainable if you continue a career in the warehouse and industrial fields. If you are already experienced in these arenas, your expertise is welcome to lead a new generation of diligent employees down this career path.

Starting out as an entry-level warehouse worker or order picker often takes no more than determination and dependability. From there, your employer will often aid you in attaining needed certifications to progress in your career. You could be promoted to machine operator or quickly advanced to machine helper, which will open your career options. You may also move on to the logistics side and find a career as a service dispatcher or logistics management.

Contact any of our NJ, NY or PA ProStaff Workforce Solutions offices or our ProActive Workforce Solutions office in the Dallas area of Texas to discuss your skillset, explore roles,  and improve your resume so that we can help you find the perfect job to launch your warehouse or industrial career.